Do what you want.  We’ll do what you need.

So, what do you need?

Minding your business
Savvy business owners and entrepreneurs understand the role that back-office work plays in keeping their businesses buoyant. The work, however, seems detached from why they got into business in the first place. It isn’t glamorous. It isn’t fun. But it’s necessary.Listed below are our services, the work that needs to be done for you to succeed.  Which ones exactly and how much of each?  It’s different for everybody, and we can figure that out together.

As you consider what services we can help you with, consider us your advocate – flexible and ready to provide the work you need so you can get back to doing what you want.

Our bookkeeping services ensure your records are in order, which is the foundation of your enterprise’s financial well-being. ZP&A’s approach to bookkeeping is customizable and designed around you.

That’s because we bear your financial goals in mind, so we’re able to ensure those goals are reflected in your day-to-day bookkeeping transactions:

  • Downloading transactions to QuickBooks
  • Reconciling accounts
  • Entering and paying invoices (accounts payable and check disbursement)
  • Invoicing (accounts receivable)
  • Office visits and clerical work
Our individualized approach really comes to bear in our accounting services. By understanding your unique  circumstances, we address your accounting needs in a way that improves your financial standing. You know where you want to take your business. Our accounting services clarify not only where you stand, but give you a roadmap of how best to get there through:

  • QuickBooks set-up, review and transaction audit/clean-up
  • Budget creation
  • Financial analysis (budget vs. actuals)
  • Cash flow reporting and analysis
  • General ledger audit
  • Profitability analysis
Specialized Projects & Consulting Services
Although we take a personal approach to each client’s needs, some of the work we do – a growing area, in fact – demands project-specific customization.  Often, these engagements don’t fit neatly into the ZP&A bookkeeping and accounting toolbox – but we’re well-equipped for the job nonetheless.

Ready to go paperless?  Dealing with particular (maybe peculiar) industry standards?  Have clients who want documents presented in a certain way – or timeframe?  Regardless, we’re flexible, responsive, and ready to help.
Past and current project work includes:

  • Initial business set-up services
  • QuickBooks upgrades
  • Process and procedure improvements, documentation, and implementation
  • Cloud-based technology integration
  • Documentation and efficiency improvements apps and specialized services
    Tax Preparation & Filing
    When it comes to tax preparation and filing services, ZP&A’s approach is more than transactional – it’s strategic.  We examine the big picture to find the small details, which lead to better informed financial decisions.

    Preparing and filing your business taxes – and how you choose to report your finances – affects your fiscal situation and your future success.  Let us help you with our tax accounting services:

    • Personal and small-business income tax preparation & filing
    • Estimated tax payment calculations
    • Strategic tax planning to increase tax savings
    • Tax consultation to prepare for life events such as marriage or retirement
    • Tax payments & withholdings analysis – are you withholding too much or too little?
    • Assistance with IRS or compliance issues



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