Who in their right mind loves numbers, anyway?

We do. No kidding.

That’s why we’re in business. And that’s why you’re in business too – because you love something. That something – a service, a product, maybe right now it’s only an idea – is what you can’t not pursue.

But while you’re pursuing what can be done, there are some things that must be done. Things like invoices, budgets, and (you guessed it) taxes. That’s where we come in, because that’s what we do. And that’s where the magic happens.

While we handle your business realities, you’re focused on your business’s possibilities. We save you time, money, and headaches, freeing you up to focus on your business.

We’re here as much as you need us (or as little as you need us), however you need us.

We’re Zaide, Palacio & Associates.

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